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Polished Concrete Worktops

Concrete as a work surface is a very unique and individual choice as no two are ever the same. Each project has its own character and look.

At Arnold’s Kitchens Ltd we are one of the very few companies that specialise in creating concrete kitchen worktops cast in-situ. This enables the entire worktop to be cast in one piece, regardless of size or shape. We can create a totally seamless polished concrete surface with no joins anywhere!

Our concrete countertops start from a thickness of 55mm. The most popular colour choice for concrete kitchen worktops is natural grey however we can alter our mix designs to produce lighter or darker shades.

The concrete worktops are hand-trowelled and burnished giving them a unique, hand crafted look.

If you would like more information on concrete kitchen work surfaces or would like an immediate quote, please get in touch with dimensions and any knockouts or tap holes required. We will be happy to help.